‘Inspired by Her’ Bangle


Love Plus Design X Champagne Kezzy

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A Love Plus Design X Champagne Kezzy collaboration.

—This is a preorder – Bangles are expected to ship out at the end of November.—

With the expertise and advisement of Haiku Lane, the bangle is made of 2.5 microns heavily plated 14k gold with protective coating. This bangle will become a timeless piece in your jewelry box; one that will last the test of time and be passed on to loved ones.  The minimalist bangle comes in a beautiful duster bag and makes a meaningful gift.

Because of the delicate nature of jewelry, please be mindful of how you wear your piece and store it. Please do not wear your bangle in water.  When you are not wearing your bangle, we recommend that you store it in an enclosed jewelry box or airtight bag to keep it from the exposure of the outside elements. If it will be stored for a long period, ensure you wipe it down so that there is no exposure to fragrances in lotions, oil from skin, etc.



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